Rome Prize Fellow - Villa Massimo, Rome, Italy

Professor at HCU Hafencity University Hamburg, Department of Architecture and Experimental Design

Guest professor at RISEBA FAD, Riga University of Business, Arts and Technology, Studio AD2 Private/Public Buildings

Professor at University of Applied Sciences, Wismar – Department of Principles of Design and Experimental Architecture

Assistant professor at Brandenburg Technical University, Cottbus, Germany – Department of Architectural Form, Building Typologies and Spatial Design, Prof. Dr. h.c. Dipl.-Ing. Jörg J. Kühn

Adjunct professor at Potsdam School of Architecture, Germany – Department of Climate-responsive and Resource-optimised Building, Prof. Dr. Ing. Michael Prytula

PhD Research-Scholarship from the Female Professorship Program of the Federal State of Germany “Climate & Typology – climate-responsive design strategies of vernacular farmsteads and settlements in the Baltic Sea area” – TU Berlin, Institute of Architecture

Adjunct professor at Hochschule Wismar, Germany – Department of Architectural Design and Representation, Prof. Ludwig

Assistant Professor at University of Applied Sciences, Potsdam, German – Department of Building and Construction, Prof. Straub – Beutin
Lectures & Conferences:

September 2022
Constructive Disobedience Conference at TU Braunschweig - Lecture on Seasonal Wall Dressing experiments

May 2022
Conference CIMIS III at ETH Zurich, Lecture on Ulrich Müther’s Childrens Summer Camp on the Baltic Island of Rügen

April 2022
Azzurro, Verde, Marone - Lecture at the University of Catania, Sicily, on Architectural Quality in Climatic Building

November 2021
Dezeen talk and lecture during the Build for Life conference in Copenhagen – on climate-responsive architecture and the work of Studio Susanne Brorson

April 2021
SLICE lecture at RISEBA FAD University Riga – Architectural landscapes, Studio Susanne Brorson

March 2020
Conference CIMIS III at
ETH Zurich – postponed

September 2019
Lecture at the Centre for
Rural Architecture, Tallinn, Estonia

May 2019
Conference CIMIS II at
Akademie der Künste, Berlin